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Alternative business lending for daily cash flow purposes, growth expansion, development and acquisition. Small business working capital from $10k to $10 million

Capital Raising for Business

Are you seeking equity investment for acquisition, property development, innovation or strategic growth?

Alternative Business Loans

Are you seeking unsecured short-term business finance to stay competitive and boost your working capital?

Business Investment and Innovation

Are you a State VISA 188 approved nominee seeking to purchase a business or invest in Australia?

What is Working Capital Finance?

Working capital finance is a commercial loan for any business needing a cash injection to maintaining its daily operations. Funding is sometimes required to set up facilities or purchase tools and supplies to generate an income. There are a few options to accessing working capital finance through simple unsecured working capital loans. Another method is using the asset as security via equipment finance such as Hire Purchase, Chattel mortgage or a Finance lease.

Small business owners should implement both a short term and long term working capital finance plan to navigate the cash flow highs and lows while driving sales. Understanding how and when to use working capital ratio through debt or equity is important for strategic growth, profitability and the survival of the company.

Whenever you may need working capital finance, or looking for ways to raise money, plan ahead. Compare traditional lenders with alternative business lending, considering why you need to raise the money and your credit score. Consider the loan application process, fees and charges and time to repay the loan. This will help you narrow down your alternative business lending options to the ones that best suit your small business.

Alternative business lending

Short-term Business Finance

  • no collateral, protects your assets
  • minimum paperwork, no financials
  • fast finance for all business purposes
  • ABN and trading 12 months plus


working capital property

Property Development Finance

  • preferred equity and mezzanine finance
  • joint venture and equity contributions
  • land banking and DA applications
  • construction and take-out funding


Small business working capital finance

Invoices Trade Finance

  • creditor and debtor invoice finance
  • professional fee funding solutions
  • working capital line of credit
  • trade facilities for import and export


 Vehicles & Trucks  |   Office Equipment  |  Machinery  |  Fit-outs & Fixtures |  Hospitality

Alternative Business Lending

  • Property development funding for land-banking and construction. Private funds available from $3 to $50 million for high quality projects with maximum upside.

  • Contract financing for specific projects. Issue SME Bonds to raise working capital through debt securities.

  • Private investors and offshore markets offer alternative finance through debt or equity assisting in global expansion.
  • Alternative business lending can provide greater diversification and higher returns for investors with solid risk profile.

10 Reasons the Bank won’t lend you money

Working Capital Finance Boost Innovation

Our business advisory division facilitates Investor Ready workshops and commercialization programs to support aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to launch new markets with disruptive products.

Capital Raising Australia

Working Capital Finance Investment

Our objective is to assist high quality companies secure working capital finance through small-scale unregulated offers and match the opportunity with potential sophisticated investors under Section 708 of the Corporations Act.

Invest in Australia’s booming economy through the Business and Investment visa 188 subclass program

Finance is a key component of every company’s business activity. SMEs have to deal with many growth issues such as securing long-term funding and managing working capital finance requirements. Daily operational issues such as handling late payments, dealing with international suppliers and trade regulations plus taking care of customers.

Small businesses can benefit from working capital loans through private lending and peer-to-peer online platforms. This enables the young company to access alternative business capital lending quickly without the need for assets as collateral.

Small business working capital is used to purchase equipment that generates income or makes an investment to expand your business or invest in new opportunities. Typically, secured by the underlying asset, or unsecured such as equity or bonds issued by the company, can also be secured against the business income such as accounts payable and receivable.

Accrutus Capital facilitates multiple alternative business lending options to suit your stage of growth.

Working Capital Finance Checklist

  • Is your cash flow management style chaotic or in control?
  • Do you constantly seek out short-term business finance?
  • Is your business providing you with the lifestyle you dreamed of?

Learn the small business working capital principles of cash flow management by working through your own business cash flow checklist. Review your internal sources to reduce stock levels, reduce overheads and watch out for theft and fraud. Review your customer payment cycle, terms and overdue accounts and offer discounts for cash payment. Develop a solid system to manage your suppliers and track the relationship. Negotiate favorable payment terms such as paying by installments or use interest free credit card cycles.

Alternative Business Loans
GET $10K to $200K

Comparing Alternative Business Lending with Bank Loans

  1. The assessment decision on your small business loan application can be made within hours or minutes (if an algorithm calculation is used), whereby settlement can occur within 24 hours.
  2. With alternative business lending, several operating preconditions will affect the approval decision which includes an independent analysis of your application. Therefore, the business owners credit score, time trading and turnover play an important factor in determining the outcome.
  3. Before accepting the alternative business lending company’s offer, you must receive a clear repayment schedule outlining all fees and charges. Make sure there are no early repayment fees if the paid out early.
  4. The main benefit of alternative business lending is an unsecured business loan. Ideal for new business owners trading for 6 months or more with no collateral.
  5. Expect a higher interest rate over traditional business bank loans, because there are less stringent criteria being assessed. The alternative business lender is taking a bigger repayment risk.
  6. With alternative business lending, typically the loans are from 3 to 12 months or two years maximum with selective lenders.

Alternative Business Loans

Small Business Working Capital Options 

  1. Unsecured working capital finance for small business
  2. Working Capital for equipment and inventory
  3. Debt and equity investment from $1 to $10 million
  4. Construction finance for property development
  5. Capital raising programs for unlisted companies
  6. Alternative business lending for invoice or trade finance
  7. Debt instruments via SME Bonds to finance specific contracts
  8. Business Innovation and Investment opportunities to assist VISA 188 (subclass)

Small Business Working Capital Blog 

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$20,000 asset tax write-off extended another $10K

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