The Business Cash Flow Checklist is a useful resource to independently evaluate the financial health of your company. There are many aspects to having a successful and profitable company. However, the single most important skill is mastering business cash flow as your company grows, because the #1 reason for business failure is insufficient cash flow.

If you want predictable cash flow in your business you’ve got to learn what to measure in order to get there. Otherwise, how will you know you have met your goals and level out the highs and lows when it comes to cash flow.  Break even points are another measurement that allows us to know when we have our bills covered monthly, importantly can you pay yourself. Predictable business cash flow can ease a lot of stress and allow us to focus on other important operational areas. Explore the Australian governments “Entrepreneurs Program” as another avenue to capital as you work through the business cash flow checklist.

Cash is King

  • Is your cash flow management style chaotic or in control?
  • Do you constantly seek out short-term business finance?
  • Is your business providing you with the lifestyle you dreamed of?

Learn the small business principles of cash flow management by working through your own business cash flow checklist. Review your internal sources to reduce stock levels, reduce overheads and watch out for theft and fraud. Review your customer payment cycle, terms and overdue accounts and offer discounts for cash payment. Develop a solid system to manage your suppliers and track the relationship. Negotiate favorable payment terms such as paying by installments or use interest free credit card cycles.

Business Cash Flow Checklist Review

If you take a truthful critical review of your business, you will recognize gaps and potential negative traps on the realistic financial health of your company. Before you start, remind yourself WHY you started this company? Most importantly make sure your business operates entirely for the purpose of providing you with a profit, not just a job.

The journey to managing business cash flow is unlikely to be a smooth one. Along the way, there will be unforeseen expenses, costs blowouts and under performance of sales departments to meet projected budgets. If you are a new business without 3 years trading history, traditional banks are unlikely to lend your money. The Business Cash Flow Checklist takes a independent first step approach, ensure you consult with a professional accountant to confirm the financial health of your company.

Business Cash Flow for Technology and Innovation

As the business grows, investment into technology upgrades will be required in order to stay competitive. This can often be a major capital expenditure and if not planned appropriately in advance, can impact yor business cash flow. This off-course is highly relevant to the type of business you operate. How innovative is your industry sector in embracing new technology that could easily make your product or services redundant. Investment into a professional sales and accounting platform is essential to track and report on the cost and profitability of delivering your different products and services.

Business Cash Flow for Strategic Growth 

For a new company the main focus is on building a solid revenue base while building up the profit margins. For an established company the focus shifts to a more tactical or strategic plan to keep momentum, or to speed up growth through acquisition or mergers. This is also a dangerous time for a company if it grows too quickly, where management and current systems may not be adequate. This could have a spiraling negative effect on customer satisfaction, quality control and ultimately revenues. Business cash flow success is closely aligned with the growth plans of the company, to ensure there is sufficient capital to implement its strategy.

How to use the Business Cash Flow Checklist 

  • Identify the critical cash flow areas of the business
  • Assess the management of your debtors and creditors
  • Quickly determine the your companies liquidity to better manage cash flow
  • Review your pricing and cost of goods or services to remain competitive
  • Understand your assets, liabilities, equity and business cash flow before borrowing money
  • Use the Business Cash Flow Checklist as your building blocks to mastering money

Luckily, we’re here to help! Accrutus Capital is committed to increasing awareness for SMEs providing this generic business cash flow checklist. We can advise on different working capital finance structures, therefore saving your business time and money. Call us today at 02 9006 1327 and speak to your finance specialist at Accrutus Capital. We might just be able to help boost your business cash flow with up to $100,000 instantly, with no security required.

Looking to fund your cash flow?

Business Cash Flow Unsecured to $100K

  • Order supplies
  • Pay invoices
  • Hire more staff

Looking to leverage your assets?

Business Cash Flow Secured to $1 million

  • Purchase equipment
  • Facilities and production
  • Vehicles and heavy machinery


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