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Alternative Capital

Investment opportunities VISA SUBCLASS 188. Alternative Capital for SMEs

Alternative Capital Invest in Australia

Invest in Australia VISA 188  |  Business Innovation and Investment   |  Debt Equity to $10 million 

Business Innovation and Investment Visa

This visa provides 4 years temporary residence for business owners, investors and entrepreneurs to establish businesses in Australia.

Are you looking to diversify and Invest in Australia via the Business innovation and Investment VISA 188 (subclass)?
Have your received your State based nomination to migrate to Australia and now searching for the right business or investment opportunity?

Property development projects

Technology and Cloud-based software

Building industry supplier

Health and Aged care

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Alternative Capital Investment Visa Opportunities

Excluded offer to sophisticated and professional investors only under Section 708 of the Corporations Act 2001 Australia

Contact Accrutus Capital +61290061327 to discuss your interest in these opportunities, or email [email protected] 

What is the Business Investment Visa?

  • State nominated four-year provisional visa
  • Pathway to the Business innovation and Investment (subclass 888) permanent residency visa
  • Part of the Business innovation  and investment Program (BIIP) run by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) 

What are the VISA 188 SUBCLASS Streams?

  • Business Innovation visa (subclass 188A)
  • Investor visa (subclass 188B)
  • Significant investor visa (subclass 188C
  • Entrepreneur visa (subclass 188E

What is the Visa SUBCLASS 188 Eligibility?

  • Meet the Australian Governments Immigration and Border Protection criteria
  • Demonstrate you have a net worth of A$800K for the Business Innovation visa; or A$2.5 million for the Investor visa; or A$5 million to invest for the Significant investor visa
  • Must commit to living in the State that nominated you. Refer to each State’s fact sheet for their respective qualifying criteria

Capital Raising

Are you looking for non-bank and alternative channels of raising capital and funding for your business growth?

Then seek out alternative capital sources via peer-to-peer lending through debt / equity funding connecting with private lenders.

Migration investors and ‘Invest in Australia’ VISA 188 applicants.

Opportunities for Business Innovation and Investment into profitable Australian companies seeking joint venture partners or acquisition.

Alternative Capital and Investment Trends

  • Business Innovation and Investment have emerged over the last decade in the wake of the GFC and tightening of bank lending to small business.
  • Advances in technology and the universal development of mobile apps have enabled ‘Fintech’ origination have opened up global access to alternative capital.
  • Global growth in entrepreneurship, its eco-systems and governments embracing business innovation and investment have seen a huge demand for alternative capital.
  • Companies are choosing to remain private longer before listing publicly. The global rise of the ‘unicorn’ where private VC-backed companies valued at $1 billion+.
  • Private investors willing to take higher risks to secure higher returns. Online access to global markets and corporations allow a spread of risk.
  • Marketplace lending offers a new wave of non-bank, tech focused short-term loans to business and consumers clients. Unsecured business loans, merchant cash advances and invoice trading have seen massive growth over the last decade.
  • The fundamental driver has been a decline in bank lending to SME’s, triggered by the GFC and increased regulatory banking requirements to hold more cash.
  • Global regulators have slowly ‘come around’ to meet the demand for new sources of alternative capital via online crowdfunding and marketplace platforms.
  • Emerging markets such as China and India are new hubs for global venture capital, Hence, the Australian governments Business Innovations and Investment VISA 188 (subclass) program facilitates the flow of foreign alternative capital. China is the world’s largest online alternative capital market, registering $101.7 billion (or RMB 638.79 billion) in 2015. This represents almost 99% of the total volume in the Asia Pacific region.

Acquisition Checklist

Acquiring a business is a long and complex process. It is important to conduct a thorough due diligence investigation to identify any potential issues or deal killers. For the vendor company it is vital that potential acquisition candidates align with your company values and expansion plans. For the buyer or investor it is important that management’s vision, valuations and exit strategies align with your investment criteria. Here are the key working points to commence your due diligence for a successful deal;

  1. Background information on the owners and the management team, and identify any gaps in skills
  2. The asking price versus the PE multiples and valuation methods adopted that determine the final selling price
  3. Products and services offered, the revenue spread and how this aligns with other competing in the same market
  4. Look for business innovation and investment trends in your preferred industry, consider compliance and ASIC regulations
  5. How intense is the competitive landscape and the barriers-to-entry for any new entrants
  6. Review the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the business and how you can mitigate them
  7. Thoroughly review the financials over the last 5 years, identify revenue trends and profit margins
  8. Check inventory, stock write-offs, out-dated equipment or major infrastructure needed to maintain a competitive edge

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