Alternative Capital

Investment funding for acquisition and property development, refinance, agri-business, global expansion, leveraged buy-outs to $2m-25 million

Property Development

Alternative capital through private lending and investment for construction, land-banking


Alternative lending for non-conforming and tangible assets, rural property, distressed scenarios


Capital-intensive industries needing flexible solutions for plant, equipment and warehousing

Restructure & Refinance  |  Leveraged Acquisition |  Trade Working Capital   |  Leverage Equity  |  Import and Export   |   Supply Chain Management  |   Unsecured Line of Credit to $1 million

Alternative business lending to $25 million

Alternative Capital for Strategic Growth

Alternative business lending solutions to help Australian small business restructure, grow and expand their markets both locally and internationally. Non-bank flexible solutions for agribusiness, property development, infrastructure and utilities, transport and logistics, manufacturing sectors. Private capital and investment funding outside of restricted traditional bank lending criteria.

Alternative Capital Real Property

  • Bridging and Construction loans
  • Green field land-banking
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Senior and structured solutions

Alternative Capital Agriculture

  • Nationally rural and regional
  • Commercial 1st & 2nd mortgages
  • Refinance distressed assets
  • Short-term 9 to 5 years

Alternative Capital Manufacturing

  • Specialist equipment and infrastructure
  • Fund up to 100% of cost of asset
  • Open credit facilities. Line of Credit
  • Operating and finance leases

Alternative Capital

Alternative Business Loans for Agriculture

Private lending solutions designed to help primary producers manage the challenges of uneven income and expenditure, and grow their farm businesses.


  1. Investment funding to cover cash flow shortfalls or to finance short-term production costs.
  2. Make capital improvements including purchasing property, new farm buildings or production facilities.
  3. Improve your efficiency and profitability with the best innovative farm or business equipment. Leases and hire purchase available.
  4. Investment in cropping for next season or livestock to re-build numbers.
  5. Need to refinance out of your existing loan before the bank forecloses on you?

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How to Qualify for Agri-business Loans?

  1. Privately owned industrial or agricultural business in distressed financial position
  2. Finance for rural and regional real property and assets to $10 million
  3. Serviceability based on future income, can be capitalized I/O and P/I
  4. Will consider ATO debt, defaults, complex structures to refinance
  5. Security can be whole of balance sheet including non-conventional assets
  6. New and used asset purchases of all farming equipment

Accrutus Capital has multiple funding options for acquisition, expansion, share buyback, refinance, loan books and  turnaround.

For established Australian and New Zealand companies seeking $2-25 million investment funding. Rates 7% to 15%. Terms to 5 years.

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Alternative Capital Agri-business
Alternative Capital Property
Alternative Capital manufacturing

Alternative Capital

Investment Funding for Property Development

We offer alternative funding solutions for projects that fall outside the traditional banks lending criteria.

  1. Stretched senior construction debt (combine asset-based and cash flow loans for higher LVR, or Mezzanine structure).
  2. Preferred equity, hybrid and Joint Venture finance.
  3. Specialist security property such as purpose built or multi-purpose such as motels, childcare centres, petrol station or caravan parks, aged care and infrastructure.
  4. Investment funding land-banking, sub-divisions, residual stock, distressed purchase, rural and regional property.
  5. Land-banking to assist with purchasing site pending design, re-zoning and DA approvals.
  6. No pre-sales, private investment funding rates 7% to 15%. LVR’s to To 75% of GRV.
  7. First and second commercial mortgages. Fast settlement for Caveats and Bridging loans.
  8. Assessed on strength of Sponsor’s property experience, site zoning use, area and demonstrated growth potential.

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Investment Funding for Acquisition

Acquiring a business is a long and complex process. It is important to conduct a thorough due diligence investigation to identify any potential issues or deal killers. For the vendor company it is vital that potential acquisition candidates align with your company values and expansion plans. For the buyer or investor it is important that management’s vision, valuations and exit strategies align with your investment criteria.

Acquisition Checklist

Here are the key working points to commence your due diligence for a successful deal;

  1. Background information on the owners and the management team, and identify any gaps in skills
  2. The asking price versus the PE multiples and valuation methods adopted that determine the final selling price
  3. Products and services offered, the revenue spread and how this aligns with other competing in the same market
  4. Look for business innovation and investment trends in your preferred industry, consider compliance and ASIC regulations
  5. How intense is the competitive landscape and the barriers-to-entry for any new entrants
  6. Review the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the business and how you can mitigate them
  7. Thoroughly review the financials over the last 5 years, identify revenue trends and profit margins
  8. Check inventory, stock write-offs, out-dated equipment or major infrastructure needed to maintain a competitive edge

raise Capital

What are Alternative Sources of Capital

  • Funding to help businesses that fall outside the traditional banking sector and provide a solution to those that cannot secure bank finance.
  • The term ‘alternative finance’ describes a growing number of options available to business owners and entrepreneurs that allow them to raise finance for their growing business.
  • Alternative finance options include; invoice trading, peer-to-peer lenders, virtual credit credit cards, asset-backed lenders, private equity and venture capital partnerships.
  • Many of these alternative finance  options are becoming increasingly used by companies to raise working capital. 

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