Alternative Capital

Debt and Equity Investment funding for resources, energy, acquisition and property development, refinance, manufacturing, global projects, leveraged buy-outs to $2-50 million

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Property Development

Alternative capital fills the gap between senior bank debt, access private lending for property pre-construction and land-banking

Resources & Energy, Oil, Gas

Alternative private capital mining projects from exploration to production. Structured debt and equity, off-take and streaming finance.


Alternative capital is mainly used as acquisition funding for expansion, roll-ups, buy out your competitor, add another complimentary division to your companies services.

Manufacturing & Trade

Alternative capital for innovative scale-up  manufacturers that need bespoke funding solutions for trade, overseas payments, equipment, inventory.

Acquisition Finance Australia $25 million plus

Types of Alternative Capital

Private capital is accessing non-bank financing in the form of debt or equity. Typical players in the alternative capital industry are private equity, venture debt funds, family offices, government financing agencies, private investors investment and unsecured SME lenders.

Alternative business lending solutions to help Australian small business restructure, grow and expand their markets both locally and internationally. Non-bank flexible solutions for agribusiness, property development, infrastructure and utilities, transport and logistics, manufacturing sectors.

Alternative Capital Real Property

  • Bridging and Construction loans
  • Green field land-banking, options
  • Commercial / Industrial / Retail
  • Senior, mezz, structured solutions
  • Unlisted Property Investment Trust

Alternative Capital Resources

  • Equity and JV partnerships
  • Structured debt and equity financing
  • Project and asset linked
  • Capex Optimization
  • Hybrid or Convertible Notes

Alternative Capital Acquisition

  • Facilitates your market expansion strategy
  • Mezzanine debt and equity financing
  • Leveraged buy-outs or buy-in
  • Term loans 3 to 7 years
  • Convertible Notes from $2-20M

Alternative Capital Manufacturing

  • Specialist equipment and infrastructure
  • Fund up to 100% of cost of asset
  • Open credit facilities. Line of Credit
  • Operating and finance leases
  • Global trade and invoice facilities

Alternative Capital

Alternative Business Loans for Growth

Private lending solutions designed to help primary producers and manufactures manage the challenges of seasonal income with capital intensive demands on cash flow.

  1. Alternative funding can cover working capital shortages such as  production and inventory costs.
  2. Great for capital improvements including purchasing property, new farm buildings or production facilities.
  3. Improve your efficiency and profitability with the best innovative farm or business equipment. Leases and hire purchase available.
  4. Investment in cropping, new technologies, production lines to remains competitive.
  5. Refinance your high interest loans and / or leverage your assets to access capital.

How to Qualify for Acquisition Finance?

  1. Privately owned Australian companies seeking growth through acquisition.
  2. Require buyer equity contribution toward funding of 20-30% of agreed purchase price to complete the transaction.
  3. Prepare a Cash Flow Statement for both entities to assess future income for serviceability.
  4. Debt servicing will take into consideration any ATO payment plans, strength of buyers’ revenue & profits, company’s balance sheet and all directors financial position for added security.
  5. Its advantages if the acquired business is within the same industry, and aligns with your current and past experience or customer base.
Alternative Capital

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Private Debt Venture Capital

Accrutus Capital has multiple funding options for acquisition, expansion, share buyback, refinance, loan books and turnaround.
For established Australian and New Zealand companies seeking $2-25 million investment funding. Rates 7% to 15%. Terms to 5 years.
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Alternative Capital

Investment Funding for Property Development

We offer alternative funding solutions for projects that fall outside the traditional banks lending criteria.

  1. Stretched senior construction debt (combine asset-based and cash flow loans for higher LVR, or Mezzanine structure).
  2. Preferred equity, hybrid and Joint Venture finance.
  3. Specialist security property such as purpose built or multi-purpose such as motels, childcare center’s, petrol station or caravan parks, aged care and infrastructure.
  4. Investment funding land-banking, sub-divisions, residual stock, distressed purchase, rural and regional property.
  5. Land-banking to assist with purchasing site pending design, re-zoning and DA approvals.
  6. No pre-sales, private investment funding rates 7% to 15%. LVR’s to To 75% of GRV.
  7. First and second commercial mortgages. Fast settlement for Caveats and Bridging loans.
  8. Assessed on strength of Sponsor’s property experience, site zoning use, area and demonstrated growth potential.

Alternative Capital and Investment Funding Enquiry

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    Alternative Capital

    Funding Acquisition

    Many companies struggle to secure acquisition finance. This is a highly specialized process and requires a balancing act to keep the seller, buyer, legal, accounting and finance participants moving forward for a successful sale.


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    What are Alternative Sources of Capital

    • Funding to help businesses that fall outside the traditional banking sector and provide a solution to those that cannot secure bank finance.
    • The term ‘alternative finance’ describes a growing number of options available to business owners and entrepreneurs that allow them to raise finance for their growing business.
    • Alternative finance options include; invoice trading, peer-to-peer lenders, virtual credit credit cards, asset-backed lenders, private equity and venture capital partnerships.
    • Many of these alternative finance  options are becoming increasingly used by companies to raise working capital.