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 to purchase equipment for automotive, IT and telecom hardware, hospitality, medical & cosmetic, gyms, shop furnishings and fit-outs, tools and machinery for construction

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Capital Finance Enquiry

Finance leases  |  Novated leases

Hire purchase  |  commercial loans

 Chattel mortgage  |  3-60 months term

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Capital Finance via Alternative Lending 

Getting the right financial product for your small business is important. When seeking small business funding perform a worst case funding scenario and costs analysis against current sales and projected revenue to calculate capacity. Understanding which capital finance options suits your growth stage and industry type will improve your chances of approval and minimize strain on the business.

An Equipment Finance Lease is a rental agreement. The vehicle is owned by the finance provider or lender (the leaasor) and then leased to the user (the lessee) for a set term.

An Equipment Finance Commercial Hire Purchase is where you hire the goods or equipment and repay over a set term. Title is transferred when the last payment is made.

An Equipment Finance Novated Lease allows you to maximize salary packaging by providing a vehicle to employees. Also reduces company costs.

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