Capital Finance Enquiry

Capital finance or equipment finance / leasing helps a business acquire equipment such as plant and machinery, computers, fittings or vehicles.

The equipment, which serves as the primary security for the facility, can be accessed straight away.


Leverage your assets! Preserve your cash!

Asset finance can improve cash flow by boosting small business working capital and save the owner upfront payments needed to purchase the asset.

Access to essential equipment or vehicles can facilitate new contracts and growth opportunities. Sometimes this method can be used to raise capital against equipment assets already owned by the business, for a viable business purpose.

Finance leases

An Equipment Finance Lease is a rental agreement. The vehicle is owned by the finance provider or lender (the leaasor) and then leased to the user (the lessee) for a set term.

Novated leases

An Equipment Finance Novated Lease allows you to maximize salary packaging by providing a vehicle to employees. Also reduces company costs.

Hire purchase

An Equipment Finance Commercial Hire Purchase is where you hire the goods or equipment and repay over a set term. Title is transferred when the last payment is made.

commercial loans

A commercial loan is a debt facility for business purposes. These loans are usually secured by real property or other tangible assets with resale value. A commercial loan can also be unsecured.

Capital Finance Options

Enquire about other ways to boost working capital which may better suit your short-term and long-term small business requirements.

Call our finance team on 02 9006 1327 to discuss your secured and unsecured options.

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