Capital Finance Enquiry

Asset or Equipment finance to purchase business assets such heavy machinery, upgrade computers, retail fit-out & fittings, vehicles, trucks, tools and building fixtures.

Borrow 100% of the asset over a fixed term

Fast funding, tailored to fit your business

Fund new and pre-owned assets

Balloon payment to lower the monthly cost

Business purpose only with trading ABN

Terms to 12 months to 5 years

Your Fast Working Capital Plan

Step 1
Step 1

Submit Asset Details

Send us your equipment invoice or details of the asset to be financed. Include your company, amount, term, and preferred type of finance. No credit checks until application.

Step 2
Step 2

Multiple Finance Options

Speak to a finance expert to discuss multiple solutions. Choose from an Operating Lease, Chattel Mortgage, Finance Lease or Hire Purchase.

Step 3
Step 3

Info for Fast Approval

Provide all verifying documentation for approval such as supplier invoice, personal identification, asset & liability statement, signed privacy and any deposit paid.

Step 4
Step 4

Sign Contract

After completion of asset verification, contracts are sent. Digitally accept and sign contract for fast settlement.

Fast Capital to $10 million for Equipment

    This is not an application, no credit check.

    Do not qualify on your credit score

    We can help

    Don’t have 3 years financials

    We can help

    Asset keeps value at term end

    We can help

    Want immediate ownership of the asset

    We can help

    Uncertain if you want to own the asset

    We can help

    Need asset to operate at peak levels

    We can help

    Finance leases

    An Equipment Finance Lease is a rental agreement. The vehicle is owned by the finance provider or lender (the leaasor) and then leased to the user (the lessee) for a set term.

    Novated leases

    An Equipment Finance Novated Lease allows you to maximize salary packaging by providing a vehicle to employees. Also reduces company costs.

    Hire purchase

    An Equipment Finance Commercial Hire Purchase is where you hire the goods or equipment and repay over a set term. Title is transferred when the last payment is made.

    Commercial loans

    A commercial loan is a debt facility for business purposes. These loans are usually secured by real property or other tangible assets with resale value, can also be unsecured.

    How to Qualify for Asset Finance?

    1. ABN and solid evidence of trading over 12 months
    2. Electronic upload of 6-12 months business bank statements
    3. Notification of other unsecured business loans outstanding
    4. Good credit score 500 plus
    5. 100 PT business owner identification
    6. Asset and Liability statement and financials for applications above $100K