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Unsecured Working Capital

Unsecured working capital keeps your business operating 

Without risking your assets

unsecured working capital Sydney

 Trading 12 months+ |  No financials   |  No security   |  All business purposes |  Commercial Products & Services

What are Unsecured Working Capital Loans?

  • Working capital finance that is your fast and flexible non-bank solution. Used to fund a companies short-term cash flow needs.
  • Unsecured working capital loans are designed with speed and simplicity, with no security required.
  • Flexible repayments either weekly or monthly and automatically deducted from your bank account.
  • No hassle finance with no checks to write, no transfers, no surprises with minimum documentation for approval.

Unsecured Working Capital

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Unsecured Working Capital for growth

Approximately four out of five businesses will fail within the 1st five years of their existence. There are many reasons for this, but the top reason startups fail, is the inability to access working capital finance.

It’s important to learn how to properly analyse and predict the amount of cash needed to run the growing enterprise.

  • Starting with a business plan is great, but your business success does not start and stop there. Working closely with your accountant is important, remember WHO is running the business.
  • Planning and adjusting your funding requirements is crucial for success.
  • Look for flexible unsecured working capital to serve the business over the short and long-term.
  • Leverage your current business revenue, future sales, supplier or sales invoices to fund your growth.
  • Use alternative capital as a stepping stone to raising capital for international growth.
  • Using unsecured working capital is the smart and safe way to scale up while protecting your assets.

How does unsecured working capital work?

unsecured working capital no security

No security

Based on business cash flow only

unsecured working capital loans

Fast and flexible

High approval rates over bank funding

unsecured working capital line of credit

Quick settlement

Approval and settlement 1 to 3 business days

unsecured working capital startup business

Startup business

ABN and trading for 9-12 months

unsecured working capital short-term loans

Short-term finance

  • $10K to $200K unsecured
  • Alternative sources of capital finance
  • Fast solution over bank finance
  • Ideal to cover urgent cash flow gaps
  • 3-12 months payment terms
 working capital equipment

Equipment finance

  • ABN and trading 12 months
  • Asset and liability statement
  • All equipment machinery and vehicles
  • 2 years financials loans over $100K
  • Lease back options available
unsecured working capital trade finance

Contractor finance

  • ABN and trading 1-2 years plus
  • Good credit score 500 no unpaid defaults
  • Receive up to 100% of monthly turnover with min of 5 employees
unsecured working capital invoice finance

Invoice finance

  • ABN 2 years and clean credit
  • $50K limit over 6 months
  • Pay 80% of invoices upfront
  • sales and supplier invoices
  • disclosed and non-disclosed
unsecured working capital agri-business
Unsecured working capital loans
Unsecured Working Capital
unsecured working capital for tradies

How to qualify for unsecured working capital?

  • ABN and trading 12 months
  • Good credit file above 500
  • No unpaid defaults
  • 6 months business bank statements
  • Asset and liability statement

Unsecured Working Capital

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Unsecured working capital solutions

  • compare the cost of short-term unsecured working capital with long-term secured loans
  • use unsecured working capital to purchase assets that increase their value
  • consider invoice finance and leverage your accounts receivables
  • protect your credit rating and manage bad creditors early
  • ensure reliability of your cash flow from multiple revenue streams
  • preserve your capital if operating in a high-risk or cyclical market
  • explore government and community grants for unsecured working capital solutions
  • more information about types of working capital via FAQ page

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Smart business tips 

  •  ensure the essential licences to work
  •  be an expert in your local area
  •  have adequate insurances cover
  • create a professional online image
  •  accurately quote on scope of works
  •  clearly specify payment terms
  •  protect your assets while boosting your cash flow
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