Investor Ready

Know what various types of investors expect and want when seeking opportunities.

Your 7 step system to attract investors and get funded

Invest Ready Services

Essential investment marketing and compliance program specific to raising capital. Get Investor Ready

Strategic Business Plan

Equity investors or debt providers need to understand how you will make money and expected returns

Business Ready Grants

Entrepreneurs grant programs to fund growth, innovation and accelerating commercialization

Capital Raising Fundamentals

Is your Business Investor Ready?

Being investor ready is having a deep understanding of the investors characteristics, motivation, resources, and requirements before you present your proposition. Targeting the right investor greatly improves your chances of success.

Preparation is the key before you embark on the arduous capital raising journey that requires a compliant battle plan to navigate and attract the right investment.

When asking for either debt or equity investment, you need to demonstrate your value proposition with materials, documents and evidence of concept or revenue.

Raising capital is a strategic decision and a process, it is not a quick path to other people’s money who assume all the risk. The bad news is that there is no magic bullet, and no one size fits all approach. Being investor ready will prepare you for the brutal world or raising capital.

What is being Investor Ready?

Who is your best investment partner?

Investor Ready and Entrepreneurs Program

  • you demonstrate that you understand the size of the target market, your key customers and demand for the service or product and most importantly your unique point of difference
  • you have proven financials or realistic forecasts with documented assumptions. You can present them underwater
  • you have considered the potential exit strategies for you and the investor/s, and prepared a solid structure for taxation and shareholders
  • have a realistic valuation on the current and future worth of the business and familiar with various valuations methods used
  • Launching your business then funding its growth with the right type of capital investment is vital to your success
  • When considering your investor, decide if the business will benefit from a hands on investor who also has access to other strategic partners.
  • Understand the investors exit requirements and alignment with your long-term goals. 
  • Do you need to buy out current investors? Is your new investor the right fit with your current shareholders? Is there strategic alignment to grow the company?
  • you can apply for the Entrepreneurs Program to access up to $1 million in funding. Your investor ready program can work alongside the grant program
  • you can get up to 50% of eligible project costs for each year, and a matching grant with debt or equity funding
  • the minimum eligibility that the business must be incorporated in Australia, registered for GST, at least $5,000 project costs, have not started, developed an approved growth roadmap, and own the intellectual property
  • the project must be linked to an areas of the business, give you new abilities to trade in Australia and overseas, or engage new services outside your business

Raise capital the right way

Why is investment readiness important?

Investor Ready Service
  1. Entrepreneurs and Directors often become disillusioned because they do not understand how investors decide which companies to support.
  2. Founders believe the quality of their business plan alone is satisfactorily and that alone should sell their value proposition.
  3. Understand ‘how’ investors use information or ‘what’ data investors see as most important.
  4. Valuations are subjective and in some cases objective which may relate to property, so entrepreneurs need to accept different valuation methods based on their industry, stage of business growth and profitability forecasts.
‘It’s the process that makes the outcome’

Strategy Session

To road test your value proposition and execution plan and confirm your stage for investment. We will provide an outsiders  ‘deep dive’ assessment.


To ensure you are ASIC compliant with your investor communications. We will position your marketing material to fit your preferred investor type.


To help navigate your capital raising journey together we will analyze, position, design and executive a strategy for success.

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Your 7 Step Investor Ready Program

  1. Plan your winning capital raising strategy months before you approach investors
  2. Prepare professional and compliant capital raising documents
  3. Carefully consider your capital structure & exit strategy
  4. Give your unique value proposition traction and scalability
  5. Match investor funds with government grant funding programs to build trust
  6. Receive early investor evaluation and capital raising report
  7. Custom consultations 3 to 6 month tailored to your specific requirements

Your Investor Readiness Program

Understanding the 5 elements to raise capital

  • Analyze
    • the marketplace
    • potential investors
    • your unique selling proposition
  • Design
    • compliant promotion materials
    • systematic investor outreach strategy
    • grant matching process
  • Execute
    • capital raising roadmap
    • executive management collaboration
  • Action
    • investor due diligence
    • leverage of advisory, legal and accountancy firms

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