Fintech Changing World of Finance

FinTech changing world of finance from traditional banking is ripe for disruption and we’re finally starting to see that play out.  The FinTech industry has taken aim at the status quo. They are showing us that with some fresh thinking and new technology, the financial system can be significantly improved.

FinTech’s core idea is making financial services more accessible, approachable, and efficient.  We’ve seen this accelerated recently as the global pandemic has forced consumers to rethink how they engage with financial service providers. Instead of going into a branch, customers are moving to online channels, mobile apps, and other new forms of customer interaction.

For small businesses, these new forms of finance are exciting new avenues to support their growth and scale.  For those who can adapt to the new normal, they’ll find that this technology acts as a key leverage point for long-term growth.

“Australia can be a leader in digital assets. This means Australians can access new choices and lower prices. It means Australians can have more control of their financial destiny rather than being dependent on endless intermediation,” said committee chair, Senator Andrew Bragg, on occasion of the report’s unveiling in October 2021.

In this vein, let’s look at FinTech changing world of finance trends that should catch all small business owners attention.

FinTech solutions are no longer mere gimmicks.  They are becoming the most important force in the financial system as a whole.

How is FinTech Changing World of Finance

They will transform the way businesses operate as the new normal has embraced new customer and safety behaviors across all industries.

Augmented Reality

Mobile Technology

AI-infused CRM

Artificial Intelligence

5G Technology

Omnichannel Shopping

Fintech Changing Finance - Accrutus Capital
in 2021, AI (Artificial Intelligence) remains the top tech trends. To be incorporated into new and exciting processes and solutions like voice assistants and chatbots.

FinTech changing world of finance
Fintech changing world of finance by helping small businesses save time and money, through automating manual task.

In 2021-22 it is predicted that most of the company’s budget will be spent on automation of services, delivery and marketing.

FinTech alternative lenders

7 FinTech Trends that are Changing the World

1.  The Rise of Alternative Lending

In years past, small businesses were forced to beg and plead with banks to access the financing that they needed to grow.  Getting a bank loan remains a very difficult proposition for a company that cannot meet the stringent requirements set by the banks.

FinTech changing world of finance lenders have sprung up in their droves to help here, offering more flexible, efficient, and timely financing options for small businesses of all kinds.  In today’s world, you aren’t limited to just a few banks.  You actually have a wide variety of different options that you can select from – depending on your circumstances and your needs.

These could include working capital finance, trade finance, invoice finance, SME bonds, and so much more.  Each of these new product verticals offers a fresh take on fundraising in a way that works for you.

2.  Mobile Payment Options

Another area of FinTech that has boomed in popularity is the world of mobile payments.  Culturally, consumers are becoming much more comfortable with using their phone or e-wallet to make payments.  And small businesses that can enable these payment methods will benefit from this change in consumer behaviour.

The payments of the future will be vast and diverse, allowing each consumer to choose what works for them.  This only bodes well for small businesses that want to reduce as much friction as possible for their customers.

The more payment options you can offer, the more customers you’ll be able to serve.

3.  Advanced Analytics

Thanks to advancements in data science and machine learning, companies of all sizes are getting a better grasp on their data and what it can do for them.  The ability to derive key insights from customer data and link them to purchasing behaviour creates a treasure trove of information.  All of which can improve overall decision-making and transform your business for the better.

This will continue to improve over time and small businesses who get into this early will have a major advantage over those who don’t.

4.  Short-Term Business Finance

By removing a lot of the friction in the financial system, FinTech changing world of finance providers are able to offer short-term finance options that just aren’t possible with traditional providers.  Sometimes all a small business needs is a small bridging facility or working capital finance to get them through a temporary cash crunch.

FinTech allows them that opportunity without locking them into onerous contracts or long-term financing that they don’t need.  This flexibility is worth its weight in gold.

5.  Alternative Credit Models

FinTech providers have worked hard to develop products that can get around a lot of the red tape that exists in lending.  We’ve seen new credit models emerge that look at metrics and performance indicators that are specifically suited for small businesses.  These lenders understand the struggles of running a small business and have crafted solutions specifically designed for those companies.

This is a big step forward in getting small businesses the support they need to survive the early years and grow into larger companies that can make a difference in their respective industries.

6.  Crowdfunding

FinTech changing world of finance through the rise of crowdfunding is another key development and the new way to raise capital.  Whether it’s for a specific product or for an entire company’s equity, crowdfunding platforms offer an unique mechanism for fundraising.  It can be used to assess early demand and bring a large group of people along for the journey.  Instead of relying upon one key provider to fund the whole thing, the risk is widely diversified.  It allows for much more natural interaction between investors and their investees.

Small businesses can use this to their advantage to raise the funding they need while also building a community of stakeholders that care about what they’re doing.  Not to mention the vested interest they have in their success.

7.  Automation

The last trend we’ll look at here is automation.  FinTech changing world of finance enables a wide range of opportunities for small businesses to automate a number of their routines, and procedural financial tasks.  These tasks would previously have taken up a lot of time and resources.  By handing these off to intelligent systems, these businesses can deploy that energy to other higher-value tasks.

These FinTech systems can run 24/7 in the background, without any human intervention, and it opens up the doors for customers whenever they want to engage with your offering.  It also liberates your staff from tedious work and allows them to spend more time on the things that really matter.

How These Trends Can Benefit Your Small Business

FinTech changing world of finance is important to look at some of the overarching patterns that can prove very valuable for any small business.

  • Speed. Instead of waiting weeks for a bank to come back to you, you can access funding quickly and efficiently through FinTech solutions.  Every minute you save here is crucial for keeping your business ticking along and it allows you to be much more agile as an organization.  Time is money, as they say.
  • Lower Costs. Because FinTech providers aren’t saddled with the infrastructure and legacy systems of banks, they can greatly reduce the cost of funding.  As a result, you can maintain strong margins and operating leverage while still paying back your loans.  This alone can be a game-changer for your company.
  • Less Paperwork. This might sound trivial but every moment spent on administrative tasks is time that isn’t being spent on growing your business.  FinTech providers who can eliminate a lot of the paperwork allow you to efficiently access finance without any roadblocks or bottlenecks.
  • More Flexibility. FinTech offers financial services that suit your specific needs so that you’re only using what you need when you need it.  You can craft your financial future as a result and tie your lending behaviour directly to the performance of your company.  Flexibility gives you options and that’s invaluable in the early years when you’re still looking for traction and scale.

All of these pillars represent significant improvements on the current financing options available to small businesses.  By leveraging each of these benefits, you can get on the front foot when it comes to your financial situation, making it that much easier to grow and prosper. Australian FinTech’s are now internationally competitive, according to 80 per cent of respondents, up from 64 per cent in 2019.

We will embrace FinTech changing world of finance, for 2021 and beyond, because there is not turning back.

Our Role at Accrutus Capital

Here at Accrutus Capital, we’re passionate about helping small businesses access these opportunities and walking with them as they transform their organizations.  These trends are not just a 2021 fad, they are here to stay.  And we are doing all we can to create the sorts of products and services that can be the catalyst for that.

If you’re looking for alternative small business finance, working capital finance, unsecured business loans, or a range of other solutions we’re here to help.  Get in contact today and let’s work together to bring your company into this exciting new world of FinTech.

Accrutus Capital is committed to increasing the awareness of fintech changing of world finance to facilitate multiple debt and equity options. These fast non-bank solutions boost cash flow when you need it most, saving you time and money.
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