Seek Expert Advice to manage working capital – SME’s advised

Sep 2, 2022 | Small Business Finance

SME’s advised to Seek Expert help to Manage Working Capital.

Only 25% of SME businesses use their existing advisors such as accountants and advisers to plan their future working capital strategies. And those businesses that do are reaping rewards through better understanding their cash flow forecasts, their existing customers whilst arranging smarter tax and alternative finance options.

Here we explain how your business could benefit from bringing a fresh pair of eyes to the table. Seek Expert Advice to manage working capital – SMEs advised.

undertake cash flow forecasts

focus on existing customers

make arrangements with ATO

SME Growth Index

Small Businesses should explore strategic advice to manage working capital according to a leading national survey of small businesses.

The *SME Growth Index is Australia’s longest-running in-depth research on small business growth prospects.

    • undertaking cash flow forecasts (the key strategy nominated by 28% of all SMEs – but around half of larger SMEs with $5-20m revenues)
    • focusing on existing customers (27.5%) or new customers (22%) to grow revenue
    • making arrangements with the ATO (17%)
    • using invoice finance to smooth out cash flow peaks and troughs (16%)
    • increasing their overdraft (12%)

How can Invoice Finance help your Cashflow

One in six businesses were looking to Invoice Finance to manage their cash flow using financial solutions such as invoice finance, trade finance and asset finance during the pandemic recovery.

John Sutton, CEO at Scotpac commented, “We would like to see more small businesses undertake cash flow forecasts because our research found that only a quarter of SMEs do so – this is fundamental to success, and this is something accountants and brokers can be reinforcing to their clients.”

He said the fact that so many businesses are looking to restructure and are looking for ways to manage their working capital provides a perfect opportunity for accountants and brokers to initiate discussions with their SME clients.

“Australia’s small business sector relies heavily on brokers and accountants, who understand the importance of cash flow and have a good understanding of strategies and solutions to enable business success.”

“It’s the perfect time for accountants and brokers to ask their small business clients what changes they are looking to make, whether they have a clear view of how much working capital this will require, and if there are shortfalls, help them find new ways to fund the business.”

*SME Growth Index survey of small business.

International Trade Finance

*SME Growth Index: Twice a year since 2014 market analysts East & Partners conduct this research, Australia’s longest-running in-depth research on small business growth prospects.

*SME Growth Index. A representative national sample of 1253 $1-20m revenue businesses were surveyed and interviewed.

The Accrutus Cash Flow Solution

Here at Accrutus Capital, we have been offering trade and invoice finance to our clients for some time now.  It’s been incredibly rewarding to see how this alternative method has been so valuable for companies with cash flow constraints.

Working with us, you won’t get the same apathy that you might experience from a bank or another financial provider.  Because our interests are tied to yours, we want to do everything we can to help you grow your operations.  We genuinely care about our clients.

We focus on providing the most flexibility possible at an affordable price that doesn’t eat into your margins.  We also don’t require any security for this financing.  The trade invoices themselves serve as the collateral.  You simply won’t find an easier and more convenient way to solve your cash flow problems.

Accrutus Capital offers our clients a range of flexible finance solutions to help businesses access the capital they need to grow. Speak to us today to explore your funding options.

Call us today and speak with our working capital loan specialist. Together we will devise a plan to help boost your cash flow with up to $5 million approved facility ready when you are.

Looking for small business finance?

Working Capital Credit Lines to $5 million

  • Trade with flexibility, ease up capital
  • Track and manage your supply chain
  • Tailored finance structures from $100K to $5 million.
  • Leverage your assets for strategic


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