Boost Business Cash Flow


97 Money Mastery Questions to start your building blocks to mastering cash flow towards a profitable business

My accountant was very impressed with my financial knowledge, this questionnaire is great. Fatima from Mahaba Kebabs.

Very valuable questionnaire to master the art of cash flow to survive business and be profitable. Sara-Jane from Recycled Fashionista’s.

I wish we had this questionnaire when we started the business, would have saved tons of money. Victor from Always Inventions.

There are many aspects to having a successful and profitable business. However, the single most important skill is mastering the money as your company grows, because the #1 reason for business failure is insufficient cash flow.

What You Get

97 Money Mastery Questions

Boost Business Cash Flow

Financial Housekeeping

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Cash Flow Position

97 Money Mastery Questions

Financial Reporting

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Debt and Loans

Boost Business Cash

Debtors and Creditors

How will this questionnaire improve cash flow?

The 97 Money Mastery Questionnaire is designed as a tool to help new and small business operators navigate typical financial challenges, as your business grows. This questionnaire is not taxation and financial advice and is not intended to replace your accountant’s advise.

Can I just focus on one cash flow section?

You main challenge is making sales and keeping customers. Running a successful business requires management across many areas. Each section is a building block toward mastering your cash flow.

When should I start mastering money?

Straight away. Ask yourself why did you start a business? Understanding cash flow management will prevent your business from failure.

Should I discuss this questionnaire with my accountant?

Its always a good strategy to seek advice and information from different sources. This questionnaire will improve your financial and growth funding knowledge, which will benefit the business while working through the challenging areas with your accountant.

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Boost Business Cash Flow

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