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Accrutus Capital is pleased to introduce our latest Property development investment offering to retail and sophisticated investors looking for alternative SMSF solutions providing high returns.  The investment combines a simple structure, strong anticipated returns, a short-term investment horizon, an exceptional management team, and a project that delivers affordable land in Queensland’s fastest growing city. The investment structure provides funds to develop Tree Creek Estate, a proposed 77 lot subdivision in Goodna, an eastern suburb of Ipswich. The estate is ideally situated on one of the last developed greenfield sites in Goodna and is surrounded by three of the top five fastest growing suburbs in Ipswich.

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Accrutus Capital presents this alternative investment because Ipswich is Queensland’s fastest growing city and forecast to remain so for at least the next two decades. With public and private infrastructure investment at record levels, the government’s own statistical reports refer to growth in the region as ‘remarkable.’

Property Investment Tree Creek Estate

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Why invest in Tree Creek Estate Goodna? 

  • 100% of funds invested will be used to purchase and develop Tree Creek Estate
  • Target 15% return and 100% return of capital
  • Short investment term (target 15 months or less
  • This site is located in Ipswich – Queensland’s fastest growing city and forecast to remain so until 2036
  • The site is ideally located in close proximity to significant infrastructure: schools, transport, parks and amenities
  • Invest in Australia economic fundamentals that are strong recording record levels of private, public and foreign investment in the region
  • Final product is in demand with gross rental yields of up to 6.5% p.a
  • The rental vacancy rate for new homes in the area is estimated to be less than 1%
  • The Ipswich land market is forecast to peak in 2019 coinciding with the timeline for sales in Tree Creek Estate
  • Buffer for professional investors because project profit and returns must be fully eroded before investor funds could be impacted.

Tree Creek Estate is located in Goodna, an eastern suburb of Ipswich. It is only 30 mins away from the state capital, Brisbane, by road or rail. It has a bus stop at the entrance and is 3 mins drive to the train station and motorway. The estate has over 36Ha (360,000m²) of parks and nature reserves within 1km (easy walking distance), 22 schools within 6km and 15 supermarkets within 7km. With the high demand for affordable housing, Tree Creek Estate is well priced at less than $200,000 a lot.

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