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Invoice Finance

Invoice Trading for importers and exporters, suppliers, receivables and asset based funding. 

Invoice Trading

 Trading 6 months+ |  $15K to $1 million   |  Business Line of Credit   |   Pay Suppliers   |  Clean Credit

What is Invoice Finance?

  • Invoice finance is used for working capital to boost short-term business cash flow.
  • Companies can unlock the invoice value and access advance funds for daily operations and to stay competitive.
  • Invoice finance is fast and flexible, and minimum paperwork is needed to approve the facility
  • There is no requirement for property collateral, bank overdrafts or complicated paperwork.
  • Companies can use invoice finance to order new supplies or pay for a large overseas order waiting for shipments.
  • Sales invoicing is used to receive an upfront payment from your customer, primarily your customer is funding growth.
  • It is self-liquidating as the business is not taking on extra debt. Interest is only charged at draw-down and accessed Line of Credit.
  • More information about invoice finance for trade visit our FAQ page.

How to Use Invoice Trading?

  • Invoice trading platforms allow businesses to sell individual invoices in order to free up cash. It is a peer -to-peer lending model for invoice funding
  •  Businesses can access finance quickly and the investor can earn a good return
  • Option to be selective with invoices to fund with no lengthy lock in periods
  • Invoice trading platforms will verify the invoice to minimize fraud
  • Multiple investors can purchase a portion of the invoice on the platform
  • All fees and charges are disclosed upfront

Invoice Finance to Cash Flow your Business

  • Offer customers installment plans
  • Customers often purchase more when offered installment options
  • Help to maintain profitable client-customer relationship
  • Turn your invoices in same day money
  • Pool your receivables cash with other funding methods
  • Gives business a point of difference when considering another competitor
  • Full transaction, account management and collections systems
Invoice Finance for Trade Australia

Trade Finance

 Quick funding decision and set-up
Evergreen Line of Credit
Advance up to 90% of invoice face value
Invoice Trading platform funds invoice 24-48 hours

Invoice finance customer sales

Debtor Finance

Disclosed and Undisclosed
Funding against purchase orders, customer invoices, licences, and retainers
Use invoices rather than personal property

Invoice Finance import & export Australia

Export Finance

Global chain supply platform
Pool your resources in one location
Track supply chain from purchase order to settlement. Enhance communication and negotiate effortlessly with suppliers

Invoice Trading

Helps a business buy / sell to overseas or locally. Pay your suppliers before goods are received, sold or turned into cash.Alternative lenders can advance up to 100% of the invoice.

Invoice Finance

Allows a business to maximise their asset being the unpaid invoice. Access up to 80-95% of the value of the outstanding invoice to manage the funding gap, allowing accelerated growth

Import / Export

Used to solve cash flow gaps when a business is exporting products or services from overseas. The business owner receives funding against the invoices raised on overseas customers.

Invoice Finance to Ignite your Business

06Cash Flow

Improve your cash flow to increase profits, stay competitive and grow with confidence.


Unsecured balance sheet lending through debtor and creditor book value offering many finance options


Low cost to access unsecured finance based on volume of sales, outstanding debtors, flexible pricing, disclosure and terms.


Less time and money spent collecting outstanding debts; keep your focus on strategically growing the business


Improved way to manage the sales ledger and ensure money is flowing to continue operations.


For the business as invoices are paid, regardless if the invoice has been fully repaid by the customer.

Invoice Finance for Small Business Growth

  • Improve business account management
  • Pay for inventory and operating expenses
  • No need for bank overdrafts and collateral
  • Use existing customers to fund your future growth
  • Use invoice finance to fund strategic opportunities
  • Get early settlement discounts for suppliers and creditors
  • Reduce the time and resources spent chasing bad debts
  • Research Australian government trade export finance options

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