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$20,000 tax deduction



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Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured business loans allow you to manage your cashflow without risking your assets. Access small business finance online $10K to $500K.

  • short-term loans for business expansion
  • launching new products and into new markets
  • purchase equipment and next seasons stock
  • fund your new project or major contract
  • Apply online, pre-approval, funds in 5-15 days.

Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant cash advance can fund up to 95% of your small business’s future credit card and EFTPOS sales. Benefits are;

  • high approval rate over bank finance
  • fast funding, easy renewals, simple payback
  • revenue based re-payments, no collateral
  • not a loan, is an advance against future sales
  • flexible structure inline with your daily sales

 Working Capital Loans 

Unsecured working capital loans are designed for healthy businesses with steady revenue that need access to finance fast. Business looking for;

  • manageable, flexible and simple finance
  • short-term unsecured business loans
  • working capital to smooth cash flow gaps
  • alternative debt or equity over bank finance
  • No security, no financials, low doc loans

Small business winners in the Federal Budget 2016

As 96% of Australian business is small business and employs over 300 million workers contributing over $360 billion to our national economy, the 2016 federal budget widens its impact for businesses turning over $10 million per year.  Small business can benefit from these concessions to reduce costs and improve cash flow


Claim your $20,000 small business tax write-off now!

Tax Breaks

  • further reduction of company tax now 27.5%
  • Immediate tax deduction of assets to $20K
  • Unincorporated tax discount up to 8%
  • Immediate deductibility of fringe benefits


  • Investments in enterprise & innovation
  • Rural R & D and profit programme
  • Wage subsidies to $10K
  • Job seeker & skills training


  • Simplified trading stock rules
  • Simplified calculation of PAYG & GST reporting
  • Reform of employee share scheme
  • Improving bankruptcy and insolvency laws
Australian small businesses

Small Business lending for 2,100,162 entrepreneurs

Australian 2014 statistics show 61% of actively trading business had no employees. 27% had 1-4, and 10% had 5-19, and 2% had 20-199 employees. The more ongoing employees a business employed the more likely it would survive. The more turnover a business made the more likely it would survive. Cash flow lending can assist to employ more people, increase turnover and contribute to growing the Australian economy.

We support small business which make a significant contribution to the Australian economy and cash flow is the most crucial factor toward your survival. Working capital shortages cause many businesses to fail even though you may have a sound business offering.


Unlock your business value and access cash flow finance fast