Accrutus Capital offers a wide range of alternative capital solutions from $10K to $10M to cover your short-term cash flow gaps and long-term growth finance to scale your business.

Short-term Business Loans

Short-term business loans offer urgent cash or opportunity funding for growing companies.  Accrutus Capital offers a range of unsecured loans which are based on business turnover and secured loans using collateral to provide alternative capital.

Most companies will access short-term business loans as working capital to fund the growing business and understanding how and when to use unsecured and secured short-term business finance is vital to your profitability and long-term survival.

short-term business loans unsecured

Short-term business loans allow you to unlock your business value to fund growth.

  • no collateral and no risk to your assets
  • minimum paperwork ideal, no financials
  • short-term loans for growth & acquisition
  • offer your clients payment terms
  • get your FREE tailored cash flow quote
short-term business loans merchant cash

Merchant Cash Advance can fund your business from future credit card sales.

  • high approval rates over bank finance
  • fast & flexible funding, simple payback
  • short-term business cash flow solutions
  • facility is an advance against future sales
  • revenue based re-payments, no security
short-term business loans working capital

Unsecured working capital is ideal for businesses with steady revenue that need growth capital.

  • pay creditors upfront & receive discounts
  • offer your customers payment terms
  • fund your next project or contract
  • working capital for professional services
  • short-term loans for any business purpose

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Australia B2B payment behaviour

Australian B2B Payment Behaviour 2016 Survey

    • 84% of respondents reported late payments of invoices by B2B customers
    • 49% of Australian suppliers’ B2B sales were made on credit
    • Australia has 57.6% foreign default rate and 40.3% domestic B2B trade that remains unpaid after due date
    • 39% of Australian suppliers had to delay payment of invoices to their suppliers die to late sales payments
    • 24% of suppliers say cash-flow is the biggest challenge to profitability
    • Australia averages 25 Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) compared with regional average of 41 days
    • Australian suppliers wait longer to collect payment on export than on domestic credit sales
    •  Australian suppliers are convinced that customers pay invoices late intentionally for financing purposes
    • Suppliers paid their own invoices late due to their customers’ late payments


Short-term Business Loans

  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Unsecured Business Loans
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Property Collateral Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Invoice and Trade Finance
  • Short-term Bridging Loans

Why use Accrutus Capital?

  • Short-term non-bank private lending
  • Multiple growth capital solutions
  • Alternative global funding partners
  • Business revenue or collateral loans
  • Fast online processing & settlement
  • All industry sectors Australia wide
  • Unsecured and collateral business loans
  • Finance specialist working for you

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Short-term business loans for growth

Australian 2014 statistics show 61% of actively trading business had no employees. 27% had 1-4, and 10% had 5-19, and 2% had 20-199 employees. The more ongoing employees a business employed the more likely it would survive. The more turnover a business made the more likely it would survive. Short-term loans can assist with business growth, increase turnover and contribute to growing the economy.

Short-term Business Loans Australia wide

Unsecured and Collateral loans

No Financials up to $70,000

Access up to 80% of monthly turnover

All industries


It costs an average of $50,000 to start a new business. Entrepreneurs will usually setup the business with $1,000 from savings, and $20,000 or more from credit cards. The next funding step is accessing short-term business loans as unsecured working capital or secured loans for via traditional lending. Many entrepreneurs and innovative business models seek out alternative capital through debt or equity.

Business Influences

  • global economy
  • access to money
  • consumer trends
  • government regulation
  • technology and competition

Business Loans

  • asset backed loans
  • revenue based loans
  • merchant cash advance
  • unsecured lines of credit
  • short-term business loans

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